Current worldwide clinical trials on COVID-19 provides a daily updated list of clinical trials for COVID-19.

Analysis of Clinical Trial Data

Using service and simple NLP scripts, the following figures show the distribution of COVID-19 clinical trials around the world and the different types of trials. These statistics are synchronized with each update from the figshare table.

Figures Last Updated: September 17, 2020



Download links for all three types of clinical trials are listed below.

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Similarily, using the same data, a preliminary small molecule treatment list with clinical trial counts was automatically generated using relevant key words. This list is only an estimate and will be updated daily. The list for this figure is available for download in the Treatment list link above.


Selected Drug information of current ongoing clinical studies on COVID-19

The information below is collected from recent research articles, news articles, or clinical reports of COVID-19 studies contributed from various research groups worldwide. The source links or full article download are provided to facilitate your own investigation and research on these molecules.

Drug Name Structure MoA Indication DrugBank URL Anti-2019-nCoV Evidence Reference
Remdesivir img3 RNA polymerase inhibitor Anti-Ebola passed Phase III, COVID-19 Phase III DB14761 In Vitro Assay, Clinical report, Clinical trial 7; 8; 14; 15; 16
Lopinavir img1 Protease inhibitor Anti-HIV approved, COVID-19 DB01601 Clinical Trial 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6
Ritonavir img2 Protease inhibitor Anti-HIV approved, COVID-19 DB00503 Clinical Trial 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6
Emtricitabine img13 nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor Anti-HIV approved, anti-HBV DB00879 Clinical Trial 2
Tenofovir img14 nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor Anti-HIV Phase III, anti-HBV DB14126 Clinical Trial 2
Ribavirin img12 viral mRNA and protein synthesis inhibitor Anti-HCV, Anti-HBV, Anti-SARS, Anti-influenza, COVID-19 DB00811 Clinical Trial 5
Umifenovir img5 Influenza approved, COVID-19 Phase 4 DB13609 Clinical trial 9; 22
Ruxolitinib img24 KInase inhibitor COVID-19 Phase 0 DB08877 Clinical Trial 28
Favipiravir img6 RNA polymerase inhibitor Anti-influenza approved, anti-Ebola Phase II DB12466 Clinical Trial 10; 18
Darunavir img10 Protease inhibitor Anti-HIV approved DB01264 Clinical Trial 11
Cobicistat img11 Anti-HIV approved DB09065 Clinical trial 11
Methylprednisolone img9 Corticosteroid COVID-19 Phase II, allergic asthma and rheumatic disorders approved DB00959 Clinical Trial 12; 13
Baloxavir marboxil img14 Polymerase inhibitor anti-influenza approved DB13997 Clinical Trial 21
Oseltamivir img15 Neuraminidase inhibitor; Sialidase inhibitor anti-influenza approved, COVID-19 Phase III DB00198 Clinical Trial 22
IFN alpha-1b Immunomodulation Interferon Clinical trial 5; 6
Danoprevir img17 Protease inhibitor anti-HCV Phase III, COVID-19 Phase 4 DB11779 Clinical Trial 23
Peginterferon alfa-2a Immunomodulation HCV approved, COVID-19 Phase 4 DB00008 Clinical trial 23
Chloroquine img4 Antimalarial approved, anti-HIV phase III, anti-HCV, COVID-19 Phase 4 DB14761 In Vitro Assay, Clinical trial 7; 15; 17
Azvudine img4 anti-HIV approved PubChem 24769759 Clinical trial 19; 20
Dipyridamole img20 Adenosine deaminase and phosphodiesterase inhibitor COVID-19 Phase 4; Phase 4 completed for stroke prevention; Phase 4 completed for coronary arteriosclerosis DB00975 Clinical Trial 24; 25
Thalidomide img23 COVID-19 Phase 2; Phase 3 completed for cancers DB01041 Clinical Trial 26
Fingolimod img24 COVID-19 Phase 2; Phase 4 completed for Multiple Sclerosis DB08868 Clinical Trial 27
Triazavirin img24 RNA synthesis inhibitor COVID-19 Phase 3 DB15622 Clinical Trial 29
Tranilast img24 Hematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase inhibitor Phase 4 completed for Conjunctivitis; COVID-19 Phase 4 DB07615 Clinical Trial 30
Acetylcysteine img24 Mucolytic agent Phase 4 completed for Drug Overdose, AMI, Bipolar disorder, lung diseases; COVID-19 Phase 4 DB06151 Clinical Trial 31
Ebastine img24 H1 inhibitor Phase 4 completed for IBS, urticaria; COVID-19 Phase 4 DB11742 Clinical Trial 32
Losartan img24 Angiotensin II receptor blocker Phase 4 completed for high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, kidney diseases, stroke; COVID-19 Phase 2 DB00678 Clinical Trial 33
Pirfenidone img24 Collagen synthesis inhibitor, Profibrotic cytokine down-regulator Phase 4 completed for IPF; Phase 3 completed for DFU; COVID-19 Phase 0 DB04951 Clinical Trial 34
Camostat img24 COVID-19 Phase I DB13737 Clinical Trial 35

Last update: October 15, 2020

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