Targeting 2019-nCoV: GHDDI Info Sharing Portal

This is the public information sharing portal about 2019-nCov/SARS/MERS for the drug discovery community, initiated by GHDDI

GHDDI and Tsinghua SPS have jointly launched a series of internal projects on understanding and developing new drug candidates for the 2019-nCoV, leveraging our strengths in fundamental research, translational science and drug discovery. Meanwhile, we are making our drug discovery capabilities and resources available at no cost to all researchers who are developing new treatments for 2019-nCoV. We hope this initiative will accelerate the process of drug discovery for this deadly viral disease. The initial effort includes the following :

1) GHDDI will make its high throughput screening platform and multiple compound libraries available to all researchers for target-based or phenotypic-based screens. These compound libraries include the ReFRAME compound library (the world’s largest collection of its kind, containing over 12,000 known drugs, most of which have gone through Phase I clinical studies), a diversity-based synthetic compound library, a natural product library, a traditional Chinese medicine extract library, etc. We welcome research groups with high quality 2019nCoV related enzymatic assays or phenotypic assays to discuss long term collaboration plans for ReFrame library screening.

2) GHDDI will make its high-end computational chemistry and virtual screening platform available to all researchers on Alibaba Cloud. Using the most advanced algorithms and methods, researchers can choose to model/dock existing drug libraries and/or tens of millions of virtual compounds using target structures by high-resolution crystallography or through homology modeling.

3) GHDDI will make its AI drug discovery and big data platform available to all researchers. The open-access integrated datasets include various data from previous drug discovery efforts against SARS and MERS, and other related viruses. Also, it will provide data on drug repurposing prediction against this new coronavirus. Furthermore, the online portal will continue to provide all relevant information to the scientific community as well as the public about the latest scientific studies on the new coronavirus.

4) GHDDI will collaborate with CROs (with deep gratitude to the commitment and contribution made by BioDuro) to offer services including small-molecule chemical synthesis, drug design, medicinal chemistry, DMPK, target protein generation/biophysics/structural biology, etc.

5) GHDDI will provide consultation on disease biology, pharmaceutical sciences and drug discovery.

GHDDI has established several first-class research platforms in the areas of medicinal chemistry, lead generation/high-throughput screening, CADD and AI-based drug discovery, structural biology, DMPK and animal facility. We hope to share our expertise and resources and collaborate with partners who have relevant disease biology or complementary drug discovery and development expertise with an interest toward finding new treatment for the novel coronavirus. In addition, GHDDI has extensive partnerships with over 20 research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and disease alliances in China and worldwide.

We are confident that, with concerted efforts by all stakeholders, we will conquer this novel coronavirus!

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